Tracy Anne Duggan was born in Bradford on Avon, England in February 1976.

After  completing my Art/Design studies in 1996, I traveled Europe & began an apprenticeship as a Traditional Tattoo artist in Gibralter 2000. Concentrating predominantly as a custom Tattoo Artist until 2012, I also continued with personal artwork throughout this time painting & making a few group & solo exhibitions in Spain and Germany. The most successful being “You me us” a series of 27 paintings made for a solo exhibition in Luebeck Germany 2006.

After the wonderful Birth of my Daughter in 2012, I have concentrated on Motherhood, currently closed my business Tattooing and began to focus more on my personal artwork. 

Work with themes often in series, inspired by my own spiritual/personal development and growth. Using Metaphors, quotes, parables and my own journey and realisations as the inspiration and foundation of my artwork, my lingering questions seem to find there answers on paper & canvas. 

My goal here with my artwork is to act as a reminder of our vital connection to being. Using spiritual essence and my own intuition producing work that keeps us on the path. 

Leaving the Dogma out. 

Using often my own personal struggles, difficulties and lessons learnt as starting points for the series and works I create.

With a deep interest in Sacred geometry, yoga, meditation, Shamanism, personal development/growth, astrology and spirituality. 

I Study from books, online seminars, and the people who inspire me deeply and Daily life and the People around me. 

Books of inspiration are: “Dao de jing” - Laozi, “The power of the now” - Ekhart Tolle, “I ching”, “Daring greatly” - Brene Brown & the work of Marshal B Rosenburg - “Non violent communication”  and “Mooji” to name a few.


Artistic inspiration comes in part from Illustrators of the 1800’s like Mucha, Beardsly & strongly inspired by the whole Art Nouveau movement and the more recent Street art and Contemporary art emerging today. 

The name “DeadCharming Art” comes from an English play on words & my small obsession for Skulls, believing them to be the house of the soul.

Thank you, Blessings.

Work Experience/Summary

2016 Self employed artist/illustrator
2012 Single Mother to my wonderful Daughter Emilee Rose. Luebeck, Germany.
2009 - 2012. My own private custom Tattoo studio. Exhibiting Personal Art projects/Illustration. Luebeck Germany.
2008 - 2008 Guest Tattoo Artist 6months. Evolution Tattoo. Menorca.
2007 - 2008. Self employed custom Tattoo Artist. Tattoo & Piercing, Luebeck, Germany.
2006 - 2007. Self employed custom Tattoo Artist. Altstadt Tattoo, Luebeck, Germany.
2005 - 2006. Full time Tattoo Artist. King Street Tattoo, Luebeck Germany.
2003 - 2005. Part time self employed Tattoo Artist. Illustrator/Artist. Marbella Spain.
2000 - 2003. Apprentice Traditional Tattoo Artist, Skin Art Tattoo. Gibralter.
1996 - 2000. Traveling Europe Street Artist. Europe.
1994 - 1996. HND Design & Illustration. Award Merit. Plymouth College of Art & Design. Plymouth, England.
1992 - 1994. ND Art & Design. Award Merit. Trowbridge Technical Collage. Trowbridge, England.
1987 - 1992. The Clarendon School. Trowbridge, England.

Exhibitions Solo.

2009 - 2012. Permanent exhibition space in my personal studio/Galery. Luebeck, Germany.
2006 - "You Me Us". Complete collection, 27x acrylic on canvas. De Facto Art, Luebeck, Germany.
2006 - "You Me Us". 10x Acrylic on Canvas. Das Culinarium, Luebeck, Germany.
2006 - "Beauty & the Beast". 20 x Black/white Photographs. Das Culinarium, Luebeck, Germany.
2005 - Rebels. 35meter x 1m. Wall Painting. Estepona, Spain.
2005 - "Without Thought". 21 x acrylic paintings on canvas. Teresana Estepona, Spain.

Exhibitions Group
2017 - Participant in “The fridge magnet art challenge” Exhibition and sale for Cancer reaserch
2016 - Participant in “The fridge magnet art challenge” Exhibition and sale for Cancer reaserch
2009 - 1st International Arts Festival Marbella. Spain.
2004 - Group exhibition With, Bejamin & Geola Katzir & Sophie Behagg. Casa De Cultura, Estepona, Spain.


2009 - Catalogue entry for 1st International Arts Festival Marbella, Filmed Interview, featured Artwork on web site.
2007 - Tatowierer Magazine. Feature of 16 competition finalists.
2004 - Tv Interview for local Estepona Tv station, for Casa De Cultura exhibition.
2002 - Book Illustration, The magic carpet & the plane makers. By Ron Read.

Updated February 2017.